Public Notices - 2008  
Pn.No. Date F.No. Subject
1 17.01.2008 F.No.VIII/09- 01/CUS/PI/2008 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) regime – Board Circular No.41/2007 - Customs dated 29.10.2007 – National IPR database & web - enabled applications – operational guidelines and instructions – Regarding
2 08.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-05/Cus/T/2008 Grant of Exemption from furnishing Bank Guarantee by Central/ State Govt. Undertakings for inter-city transfer of goods from one bonded warehouse to another- Regarding
3 10.01.2008 F.No. VIII/48-08/Cus/T/08 Procedure for E-Payment of Customs Duties under the Indian Customs EDI system – (ICES) Imports at  Inland Container Depot (ICD)-Ahmedabad & Air Cargo Complex, Ahmedabad – Regarding
4 21.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-17/Cus/T/2008 Eligibility of shank buttons, snap fasteners (snap buttons), Zippers etc. for benefit under notification No.21/2002-Cus, Sl.No. 140, 167, 167A and 167B - Regarding
5 23.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-21/Cus/T/2008 Misuse of Target Plus Scheme (TPS) – Scope and Coverage of Goods to be imported under TPS – Regarding
6 23.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-22/Cus/T/2008 Correlation of Technical Characteristics, Quality and Specification of the Inputs with the Export Product under the DFIA Scheme
7 23.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-24/Cus/T/2008 Classification of carpets and floor coverings having mixed composition in the Drawback Schedule
8 31.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-36/Cus/T/2008 Importability of Restricted Goods under the Served from India Scheme (SFIS) and  other Schemes under Chapter 3 of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) – Regarding
9 06.02.2008 F.NO:-VIII/13-01/Cus(T)07 CUSTOMS PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 09/2008
10 28.02.2008 F.NO.VIII/13-01/CUS(T)/07 Customs House Agent’s Employees examination U/R 19(3) of the CHALR, 2004 - Result of oral test held on 27.02.2008
11 29.02.2008 F.NO. VIII/48-72/CUS/T/2008 Introduction of Finance Bill 2008 : Major changes in Customs & Central Excise Duties - Regarding
12 10.03.2008 F.No.VIII/48-79/Cus/T/2008 Working of  Field Formations of Ahmedabad Customs Commissionerate on all Saturdays until March 31, 2008
13 17.03.2008 F.No.VIII/48-227/Cus/T/2006 Examination under Regulation ‘8’ of Customs House Agents Licensing Regulation - 2004, to be held on 24.04.2008 – Regarding
14 28.04.2008 F.No.VIII/48-118/Cus/T/2008 Procedure to be adopted for refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007 – Regarding
15 13.05.2008 F.No.VIII/48-125/Cus/T/2008 Filing of Import Manifest Before Arrival of the Flight –Merger of Job Number and IGM Number – Regarding
16 10.07.2008 F.No.VIII/48-50 /Cus/T/2008 Import/Export of Goods by Courier Mode at Courier Baggage Cell (C.B.C) at Air Cargo Complex (A.C.C), Ahmedabad - Regarding
17 04.06.2008 F.No.VIII/48-154/Cus/T/2008 Simplification and procedural relaxation for issue of pre-authenticated CT-3 to EOUs in textile and chemical sector – Regarding
18 19.06.2008 F.No.VIII/48-167/Cus/T/2008 Procedure relating to sanction and post-audit of refund/rebate claims - Regarding
19 27.06.2008 F.NO:-VIII/13-01/Cus(T)07 CUSTOMS PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 19/2008
20 30.06.2008 F. No. VIII/48-36/CUS/SYS/07 Payment of Drawback in the Exporter’s Core Banking Enabled Bank Account in Any Branch/ Bank Anywhere in the Country - Regarding
21 30.07.2008 F.NO.VIII/13-01/CUS(T)/07

Customs House Agent’s Employees examination U/R 19(3) of the CHALR, 2004 - Result of oral test held on 28.07.2008

22 31.07.2008 F.No.VIII/48-191/Cus/T/2008 Instructions regarding Section 28 BA of the Customs Act, 1962
23 01.08.2008 F.No.VIII/48-193/Cus/T/2008 Changes/amendments in the EOU/EHTP/STP and Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Schemes - Regarding
24 25.08.2008 F.No.VIII/48-200/Cus/T/2008 Procedural requirement for obtaining Export Authorisation Registration of raw cotton (lint), cotton waste (including yarn waste and garneted stock), cotton, carded or combed, with the Textile Commissioner, Mumbai, prior to shipment in terms of Notification No.26 (RE-2008)/2004-2009 dated 22-7-2008 of Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, issued under the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009
25 26.08.2008 F.No.VIII/48-202/Cus/T/2008 Setting up of Help Desk by Directorate General of Safeguards,   New Delhi
26 05.09.2008 F.No.VIII/48-210/Cus/T/2008 All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2008-09 – Regarding
27 22.09.2008 F.No.VIII/48-71/Cus/T/2008 Transhipment procedure between any two Customs Airports - Regarding
28 24.09.2008 F. No.II/39-91/RTI/2007 Addendum to Public Notice No.66/2007: Implementation of Right
 to Information Act, 2005 – Designation of Central Public Information Officers ( C.P.I.Os.) and Appellate Authorities within the jurisdiction of Custom Commissionerate, Ahmedabad –    Regarding
29 29.09.2008 F.No.VIII/48-225/Cus/T/2008 Authentication of supply invoice by the Central Excise Authorities for claiming Deemed Export benefit - Regarding
30 29.09.2008 F.No.VIII/48-224/Cus/T/2008 Issue of installation certificate for the capital goods imported/ procured locally under EPCG scheme-procedure - Regarding
34 14.10.2008 F.No.VIII/48-118/Cus/T/2008 Clarification on refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs (4% CVD) in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007 – Regarding
35 23.10.2008 F.No.VIII/48-237/Cus/T/08 Basis of levy of additional Customs duty (CVD) on import of Readymade Garments – Clarification - Regarding
36 21.11.2008 F.No.VIII/48-245/Cus/T/2008 Computation of Value under Section 14 for Levy of Export Duty