Public Notices - 2015  
Pn.No. Date F.No. Subject
37 P.No: 24/11/2015 F. No. Notice regarding Customs Broker Licence writtern examination under CBLR-2013 to be held on 28.01.2016
36 P.No:58/2015 Dtd 30/12/2015 F. No.VIII/48-110/cus/T/2014 Use of digital signature for submission of documents.
35 P.No:57/2015 Dtd 14/12/2015 F. No.VIII/13-106/cus/T/2015 Accounting code for payment of Swachh Bharat Cess.
34 P.No:56/2015 Dtd 27/11/2015 F. No.VIII/48-97/cus/T/2015 Declaration of intent under MEIS Scheme
33 P.No:55/2015 Dtd 26/11/2015 F. No.VIII/48-11/cus/Val/2015 Invitation of applications for empanelment of Chartered Engineers for examination / valuation of Second hand machinery / goods etc in the jurisdiction of Principal Commissioner of Customs, Ahmedabad.
32 P.No:54/2015 Dtd 04/11/2015 F. No.VIII/48-88/cus/T/2015 Procedure regarding clearance of containers from CFS Gates after out of charge given by Proper Officers of Customs.
31 P.No:53/2015 Dtd 04/11/2015 F. No.VIII/48-71/cus/T/2015 Result of Oral Examination under the provision of Regulation 6 of the Customs Broker Licensing Regulation, 2013 held on 29th & 30th Sept-2015 and 1st October-2015.
30 P.No:52/2015 Dtd 15/10/2015 F. No.II/39-Qty Report/RTI/2015 Implementation of Right To Information Act, 2005 - Designation of Notified Officer for payment of Fees within the Jurisdiction of Custom Commissionerate Ahmedabad-Regarding.
29 P.No:51/2015 Dtd 15/10/2015 F. No.VIII/48-164/cus/T/2013 Procedure for issuance of license for Public / Private Bonded Warehouse under Sec.57 or 58 of Customs Act, 1962.
28 P.No:50/2015 Dtd 04/11/2015 F. No.VIII/48-84/cus/T/2015 Notice for Customs Brokers examination to be held on 28.01.2016 - reg.
27 P.No:50/2015 Dtd 08/10/2015 F. No.VIII/48-84/cus/T/2015 Notice for Customs Brokers examination to be held on 28.01.2016 - reg.
26 P.No:49/2015 Dtd 07/10/2015 F. No.VIII/48-15/cus/Sys/2015 Change in Management of Service Centre - Revised charges for digitization of documents at Service Centre.
25 P.No:48/2015 Dtd 09/10/2015 F. No.VIII/48-83/cus/T/2015 Classification of parts of submersible pumps for availing drawback .
24 P.No:48/2015 Dtd 09/10/2015 F. No.VIII/48-83/cus/T/2015 Classification of parts of submersible pumps for availing drawback .
23 P.No:46/2015 Dtd 07/08/2015 F. No.VIII/43-10/09-Tech/2015 Allocation of all Importers,Exporters,Customs Brokers,Shipping lines/Agents and the members of Trade and Industries in invited to the below mentioned Customs Notifications relating to the import/export of goods under various Export Promotion Schemes
22 P.No:45/2015 Dtd 07/08/2015 F. No.VIII/48-71/CUS/Tech/2015 Examination for Customs Broker under Reg. 6 of Customs Broker Licensing Regulation , 2013 held on 28.01.2015 - declaration of Result
21 P.No:44/2015 Dtd 13/08/2015 F. No.VIII/48-15/CUS/sys/2015 Integration of SEZ online with Customs EDI Systems (ICES)
20 P.No:43/2015 Dtd 13/08/2015 F. No.II/48-68/CUS/T/2015 Creatiopn of CCSP Management Cell at Hdqrs.Office Ahmedabad-reg.
19 P.No:42/2015 Dtd 27/07/2015 F. No.VIII/48-52/CUS/T/2015 Implementation of e-collection of light house dues online
18 P.No:41/2015 Dtd 24/07/2015 F. No.VIII/48-40/CUS/T/2015 Public Notice no.41/2015
17 P.No:40/2015 Dtd 13/07/2015 F. No.II/39-57/CUS/T/2015 CPIO
16 P.No:39/2015 Dtd 12/06/2015 F. No.VIII/48-37/CUS/T/2015 Dispensing with SDF form : m/reg.
15 P.No:38/2015 Dtd 20/05/2015 F. No.VIII/48-34/CUS/T/2015 System Alert for Monitoring Realizaation of Export Proceeds in in EDI-reg.
14 P.No:37/2015 Dtd 19/05/2015 F. No.VIII/13-92/CUS/T/2013 Procedure for issiuing identity card in Form F ,G & H to the employees of Customs Brokers under Regulation 17(7) of CBLR 2013-matter - Regarding
13 P.No:36/2015 Dtd 08/05/2015 F. No.VIII/13-30/CUS/T/2015 Result of ORAL examination, 2015 for Category-G
12 P.No:35/2015 Dtd 08/05/2015 F. No.VIII/48-18/CUS/T/2015 Result of G pass
11 P.No:34/2015 Dtd 10/03/2015 F. No.VIII/48-33/CUS/T/2015 Setting up of "Customs Clearance Facilitation Committee (CCFC) reg.
10 P.No:33/2015 Dtd 10/03/2015 F. No.VIII/48-50/CUS/T/2008 Import/Export of Goods and Documents through Courier Mode at Air Cargo Complex (ACC),Ahmedabad -Reg.
9 P.No:32/2015 Dtd 09/03/2015 F. No.VIII/13-30/CUS/T/2015 Customs Brokers Examinations under Regulation 17 or CBLR,2013
8 P.No:31/2015 Dtd 17/02/2015 F. No.VIII/48-18/CUS/T/2015 Know my customer (KYC) verification for courier companies
7 P.No:30/2015 Dtd 17/02/2015 F. No.VIII/48-18/CUS/T/2015 Amendments to certain All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback
6 P.No:29/2015 Dtd 16/02/2015 F. No.VIII/48-18/CUS/T/2015 Re-Export of goods imported under bonafied mistake - Regarding.
5 P.No:28/2015 Dtd 16/02/2015 F. No.VIII/48-18/CUS/T/2015 Export & Import of Currency - Regarding.
4 P.No:27/2015 Dtd 16/02/2015 F. No.VIII/48-18/CUS/T/2015 Simplification of Customs Procdure for Shipping - Regarding
3 P.No:26/2015 Dtd 16/02/2015 F. No.VIII/48-18/CUS/T/2015 Merging of Commercial Invoice And Packing List
2 P.No:25/2015 F. No.VIII/48-03/CUS/Sys/2013 Implementation of Module for Transshipment of Cargo for Air Cargo Complex to..... in other Customs Station in ICES -Reg.
1 P.No:24/2015 Dtd 07/02/2015 F. No.VIII/43-08/CUS/Sys/2013 Implementation of Module for Transshipment of Cargo from Air Cargo Complexes in other Customs Station in ICES -Reg.
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