Public Notices - 2018  
Pn.No. Date F.No. Subject
1 P.No:01/2018 Dtd 09/01/2018 F. No.VII/39-57/RTI/2007-Pt II Addendum to Public Notice 36/2017 dtd. 13.12.2017: Implementation of Right To Information Act,2005- Designation of Central Public Information Officers (CPIO's) and Appellate Authorities within the Juridiction of Customs Commissionerate,Ahmedabad-reg.
2 P.No:02/2018 Dtd 11/01/2018 F. No.VIII/48-21/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Formation of IGST Refund helpdesk
3 P.No:03/2018 Dtd 11/01/2018 F. No.VIII/48-21/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Corrigendum to Public Notice No.02/2018 dated 11.01.2018-Formation of Helpdesk for IGST Refund
4 P.No:04/2018 Dtd 23/01/2018 F. No.VIII/48-97/Cus/T/2017 Cadre restructuring and re-organization of Ahmedabad Customs–Reg
5 P.No:05/2018 Dtd 02/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-97/Cus/T/2017 Cadre restructuring and re-organization of Ahmedabad Customs–Reg
6 P.No:06/2018 Dtd 05/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-58/Cus/T/2018 Amendments to the All Industry Rates of Duty Drwaback effective from 25.01.2018 m/r
7 P.No:07/2018 Dtd 05/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-57/Cus/T/2018 Know Your Customer (KYC) norms m/r
8 P.No:08/2018 Dtd 08/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-60/Cus/T/2018 Amendment in the AEO Program circular No 33/2016 dated 22.07.2016
9 P.No:09/2018 Dtd 12/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-64/Cus/T/2018 rocedure for clearance of remnant Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) -reg.
10 P.No:10/2018 Dtd 12/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-14/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Implementation of Risk Management Systems (RMS) in Exports-reg.
11 P.No:11/2018 Dtd 12/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-14/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Activation of RMS (Imports) at ICD Sachana-reg.
12 P.No:12/2018 Dtd 27/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-17/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Refund of IGST on Export-Invioce mis-match Cases-Alternative Mechabisum with Officer Interface-Reg.
13 P.No:13/2018 Dtd 05/03/2018 F. No.VIII/48-14/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Extending e-SANCHIT application on all EDI locations-reg.
14 P.No:14/2018 Dtd 15/03/2018 F. No.VIII/48-21/Cus/Sys/2017-18 IGST/ITC Exports Refund Fortnight
15 P.No:15/2018 Dtd 15/03/2018 F. No.VIII/48-97/Cus/T/2017 Cadre restructurng and re-organization of Ahmedabad Customs–Reg
16 P.No:16/2018 Dtd 28/03/2018 F. No.VIII/48-183/Cus/T/2017 Result of G card examination held on 26.11.2017
17 P.No:17/2018 Dtd 17/04/2018 F. No.VIII/48-183/Cus/T/2016 Result of G Card Oral exam held on 10.04.2018, 11.04.2018 m/r
18 P.No:18/2018 Dtd 23/04/2018 F. No.VIII/48-137/Cus/T/2017 Issue / Renewal of Steamer Agents / Shipping Agency Registration — Regarding
19 P.No:19/2018 Dtd 30/05/2018 F. No.VIII/48-344/Cus/T/2018 Forwarding of samples for testing to the Outside Laboratories -reg.
20 P.No:20/2018 Dtd 30/05/2018 F. No.VIII/48-21/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Special Drive Fortnight to rectify errors relating to IGST Refunds
21 P.No:21/2018 Dtd 30/05/2018 F. No.VIII/48-16/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Correction /rectification in the Shipping Bill where exporters mentioned the status of IGST payment "NA" instead of "P" and in the case of IGST refund cases stuck into Error Code SB003.
22 P.No:22/2018 Dtd 01/06/2018 F. No.VIII/48-108/Cus/T/2017 Result of Written Examination for Customs Brokers under Regulation ‘6’ Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations, 2013 held on 19.01.2018-reg.
23 P.No:23/2018 Dtd 04/07/2018 F. No.VIII/48-108/Cus/T/2017 Conduct of Oral examination under Regulation ‘6’ Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations, 2013 on 10.07.2018-11.07.2018 m/r
24 P.No:24/2018 Dtd 09/07/2018 F. No.VIII/48-108/Cus/T/2017 Conduct of Oral exam u/r 6 of CBLR, 2013 on 10.07.2018-11.07.2018
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