Public Notices - 2018  
Pn.No. Date F.No. Subject
1 P.No:01/2018 Dtd 09/01/2018 F. No.VII/39-57/RTI/2007-Pt II Addendum to Public Notice 36/2017 dtd. 13.12.2017: Implementation of Right To Information Act,2005- Designation of Central Public Information Officers (CPIO's) and Appellate Authorities within the Juridiction of Customs Commissionerate,Ahmedabad-reg.
2 P.No:02/2018 Dtd 11/01/2018 F. No.VIII/48-21/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Formation of IGST Refund helpdesk
3 P.No:03/2018 Dtd 11/01/2018 F. No.VIII/48-21/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Corrigendum to Public Notice No.02/2018 dated 11.01.2018-Formation of Helpdesk for IGST Refund
4 P.No:04/2018 Dtd 23/01/2018 F. No.VIII/48-97/Cus/T/2017 Cadre restructuring and re-organization of Ahmedabad Customs–Reg
5 P.No:05/2018 Dtd 02/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-97/Cus/T/2017 Cadre restructuring and re-organization of Ahmedabad Customs–Reg
6 P.No:06/2018 Dtd 05/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-58/Cus/T/2018 Amendments to the All Industry Rates of Duty Drwaback effective from 25.01.2018 m/r
7 P.No:07/2018 Dtd 05/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-57/Cus/T/2018 Know Your Customer (KYC) norms m/r
8 P.No:08/2018 Dtd 08/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-60/Cus/T/2018 Amendment in the AEO Program circular No 33/2016 dated 22.07.2016
9 P.No:09/2018 Dtd 12/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-64/Cus/T/2018 rocedure for clearance of remnant Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) -reg.
10 P.No:10/2018 Dtd 12/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-14/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Implementation of Risk Management Systems (RMS) in Exports-reg.
11 P.No:11/2018 Dtd 12/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-14/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Activation of RMS (Imports) at ICD Sachana-reg.
12 P.No:12/2018 Dtd 27/02/2018 F. No.VIII/48-17/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Refund of IGST on Export-Invioce mis-match Cases-Alternative Mechabisum with Officer Interface-Reg.
13 P.No:13/2018 Dtd 05/03/2018 F. No.VIII/48-14/Cus/Sys/2017-18 Extending e-SANCHIT application on all EDI locations-reg.
14 P.No:14/2018 Dtd 15/03/2018 F. No.VIII/48-21/Cus/Sys/2017-18 IGST/ITC Exports Refund Fortnight
15 P.No:15/2018 Dtd 15/03/2018 F. No.VIII/48-97/Cus/T/2017 Cadre restructurng and re-organization of Ahmedabad Customs–Reg
16 P.No:16/2018 Dtd 28/03/2018 F. No.VIII/48-183/Cus/T/2017 Result of G card examination held on 26.11.2017
17 P.No:17/2018 Dtd 17/04/2018 F. No.VIII/48-183/Cus/T/2016 Result of G Card Oral exam held on 10.04.2018, 11.04.2018 m/r
18 P.No:18/2018 Dtd 23/04/2018 F. No.VIII/48-137/Cus/T/2017 Issue / Renewal of Steamer Agents / Shipping Agency Registration — Regarding
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