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Sr.No. Date Passed By Subject
1 OIO NO:01/2018-19 Dtd 10/04/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/s Western Silks & others
2 OIO NO:02/2018-19 Dtd 20/04/2018 Pr.Commissioner Mr. Pratik Thacker and Mr Mehul Pujara
3 OIO NO:03/2018-19 Dtd 20/04/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/s Shobha Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
4 OIO NO:04/2018-19 Dtd 25/04/2018 Pr.Commissioner Mr. Jorabhai Rabari,Mr. Premabhai Attya,Shri Narendra Raval
5 OIO NO:05/2018-19 Dtd 25/04/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/s Modern Communicaton and Broadcast Systems (P) Ltd. & others
6 OIO NO:06/2018-19 Dtd 25/04/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/s Sanmati Coal & Cakes Pvt. Ltd.
7 OIO NO:07/2018-19 Dtd 25/04/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/s Gujarat Telelink Pvt. Ltd.
8 OIO NO:08/2018-19 Dtd 25/04/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/S JPR Channel
9 OIO NO:09/2018-19 Dtd 04/05/2018 Pr.Commissioner Ms.Haitian Huayuan Machinery (India) Pvt. Ltd.
10 OIO NO:10/2018-19 Dtd 04/05/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/s S.N.Tradelink Pvt. Ltd.
11 OIO NO:11/2018-19 Dtd 04/05/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/s Mohit Minerals Pvt. Ltd.
12 OIO NO:12/2018-19 Dtd 04/05/2018 Pr.Commissioner M/s.Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd.
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