Standing Orders - 2008  
Pn.No. Date F.No. Subject


17.01.2008 F.No.  VIII/09-1 /Cus/PI/2008 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) regime – Board Circular No.41/2007 –Customs dated 29.10.2007 – National IPR Data base & web-enabled applications – operational guidelines and instructions - Regarding


08.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-05/Cus/T/2008 Grant of Exemption from furnishing Bank Guarantee by Central/State Govt. Undertakings for inter-city transfer of goods from one bonded warehouse to another - Regarding
3 09.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-06/Cus/T/2008 Arbitrary fixation of personal hearing dates- Violation of statutory provisions by field formations- Needs for corrective steps- Regarding
4 21.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-17/Cus/T/2008 Eligibility of shank buttons, snap fasteners (snap buttons), Zippers etc. for benefit under notification No.21/2002-Cus, Sl.No.140,167,167A and 167B - Regarding
5 23.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-21/Cus/T/2008 Misuse of Target Plus Scheme  (TPS) – Scope and Coverage of Goods to be imported under TPS –  Regarding


23.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-22/Cus/T/2008 Correlation of Technical Characteristics, Quality and Specification of the Inputs with the Export Product under the DFIA Scheme
7 23.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-23/Cus/T/2008 Allocation of work relating to Trade Facilitation
8 23.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-24/Cus/T/2008 Classification of carpets and floor coverings having mixed composition in the Drawback Schedule
9 30.01.2008 F.NO.: VIII/17-06/Cus/L/08 Filling of appeals in the Supreme Court-Instructions regarding forwarding of information on connected matters for incorporation in the synopsis annexed to the Special Leave Petition/ CA and for proper appreciation of  law by the Hon’ble Supreme Court - Regarding
10 31.01.2008 F.No.VIII/48-36/Cus/T/2008 Importability of Restricted Goods under the Served from India  Scheme (SFIS) and  other Schemes under Chapter 3 of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP)  – Regarding
11 06.02.2008 F.No.VIII/48-46/Cus/T/2008 Regulation on Export of Ketamine under EXIM Policy - Regarding
12 11.02.2008 F.No.VIII/48-52/Cus/T/2008 Export of non-basmati rice – Prohibition of Transitional Arrangements  under Para 1.5 of Foreign Trade Policy, 2004 – 2009 – Regarding
13 18.02.2008 F.No.VIII/48-55/Cus/T/2008 Valuation practice of second hand machinery to be adopted by all Custom Houses/ Customs Commissionerates - Regarding
14 18.02.2008 F.No. VIII/48-30/CUS/VAL/08 Valuation Guidelines for imported Bearings (CTH 8482) – Regarding
15 28.02.2008 F.No.VIII/48-70/Cus/T/2008 Guidelines for Compounding of Offences under Customs and Central Excise Act – Rregarding
16 29.02.2008 F.NO. VIII/48-72/CUS/T/2008 Introduction of Finance Bill : 2008 : Major changes in Customs & Central Excise Duties - Regarding
17 04.04.2008 F.No. VIII/48-28/CUS/VAL/08 Utilization of Export Commodities Database Project (ECDB) Regarding
18 28.04.2008 F.No.VIII/48-118/Cus/T/2008 Procedure to be adopted for refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007 – Regarding
19 30.04.2008 F.No.VIII/48-120/Cus/T/2008 Collection of Double Cess on export of agro products – Regarding
20 27.05.2005 F.No.VIII/48-146/Cus/T/2008 Import of Sex determination / gender testing  kits – violation of PC & PNDT Act, 1994 - Regarding
21 30.05.2008 F.No.VIII/48-150/Cus/T/2008 Sanction Of Customs duty refunds-Unjust Enrichment – Regarding
22 04.06.2008 F.No.VIII/48-152/Cus/T/2008 Write off/abandonment of irrecoverable amount of arrears of revenue - Regarding
23 04.06.2008 F.No.VIII/48-154/Cus/T/2008 Simplification and procedural relaxation for issue of pre-authenticated CT-3 to EOUs in textile and chemical sector – Regarding
24 19.06.2008 F.No.VIII/48-167/Cus/T/2008 Procedure relating to sanction and post-audit of refund/rebate claims - Regarding
25 30.06.2008 F. No. VIII/48-36/CUS/SYS/07 Payment of Drawback in the Exporter’s Core Banking Enabled Bank Account in Any Branch/ Bank Anywhere in the Country — Regarding
26 10.07.2008 F.No.VIII/48- ­­50 /Cus/T/2008 Import/Export of Goods by Courier Mode at Courier Baggage Cell (C.B.C) at Air Cargo Complex (A.C.C), Ahmedabad - Regarding
27 21.07.2008 F.No.VIII/48-179/Cus/T/2008 Valuation Guidelines – Possible under valuation of Imported furniture – Regarding
28 31.07.2008 F.No.VIII/48-191/Cus/T/2008 Instructions regarding Section 28 BA of the Customs Act, 1962
29 29.08.2008 F.No.VIII/48-203/Cus/T/2008 Export of Cotton-Registration of contracts for Exports with the Textile Commissioner - Regarding
30 05.09.2008 F.No.VIII/48-210/Cus/T/2008 All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2008-09 – Regarding
31 16.09.2008 F.No.VIII/48-216/Cus/T/2008 Imposition of definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of Ceftriaxone Sodium Sterile (also known as Cetriaxone Disodium Hemiheptahydrate-Sterile) originating in or exported from China PR– Regarding
33 29.09.2008 F.No.VIII/48-224/Cus/T/2008 Issue of installation certificate for the capital goods imported/ procured locally under EPCG scheme - procedure - Regarding
34 29.09.2008 F.No.VIII/48-225/Cus/T/2008 Authentication of supply invoice by the Central Excise Authorities for claiming Deemed Export benefit - Regarding
35 14.10.2008 F.No.VIII/48-118/Cus/T/2008 Clarification on refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs (4% CVD) in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007 – Regarding
36 23.10.2008 F.No.VIII/48-237/Cus/T/08 Basis of levy of additional Customs duty (CVD) on import of Readymade Garments – Clarification - Regarding
37 24.10.2008 F.No.VIII/48-23  /Cus/T/2008 Drawback on iron & steel items, cement and rice- eligibility – Regarding
38 24.10.2008 F.No.VIII/48-240/Cus/T/2008 Clarification regarding computation of average level of Exports under Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme (EPCG) in case of Premier Trading Houses (PTH)- Regarding
39 21.11.2008 F.No.VIII/48-243/08-Tech. Import of Drugs into the Country under chemical name – Regarding
40 21.11.2008 F.No.VIII/48-245/Cus/T/08 Computation of Value under Section 14 for Levy of Export Duty