OIO > Pr.Commissioner / Commissioner 2014

Sr.No. OIO Number & Date Passed By Subject
36. OIO NO:34/2014 Dtd 23/12/2014 Commissioner M/s Sandvik Asia (P) Ltd.
35. OIO NO:50/2014 Dtd 18/12/2014 Commissioner M/s Petronet LNG
34. OIO NO:32/2014 Dtd 26/11/2014 Commissioner M/s GAIL (India) Ltd,
33. OIO NO:31/2014 Dtd 18/11/2014 Commissioner M/s Reliance Industries Limited
32. OIO NO:30/2014 Dtd 05/11/2014 Commissioner Shri Pravinkumar Ratanbhai Ajudiya
31. OIO NO:29/2014 Dtd 20/10/2014 Commissioner M/s Surya Coal
30. OIO NO:28/2014 Dtd 15/10/2014 Commissioner Shri Ismail Moosa Patel
29. OIO NO:27/2014 Dtd 29/09/2014 Commissioner M/s Meghmani Finechem Ltd.
28. OIO NO:25-26/2014 Dtd 29/09/2014 Commissioner M/s BG India Ltd, 2)M/s Reliance Industries Ltd., 3)M/s Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited., 4)M/s Gas Authority of India
27. OIO NO:24/2014 Dtd 18/09/2014 Commissioner M/s Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd.
26. OIO NO:23/2014 Dtd 10/09/2014 Commissioner M/s Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited
25. OIO NO:22/2014 Dtd 05/09/2014 Commissioner M/s Sunrise Stainless (P) Ltd.
24. OIO NO:21/2014 Dtd 26/08/2014 Commissioner M/s Grasin Cellulosic
23. OIO NO:20/2014 Dtd 21/08/2014 Commissioner M/s Agarwal Coal Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
22. OIO NO:19/2014 Dtd 11/08/2014 Commissioner Shri Narendra Raval
21. OIO NO:18/2014 Dtd 08/08/2014 Commissioner Shri Madhusudan Thakkar
20. OIO NO:17/2014 Dtd 31/07/2014 Commissioner M/s Suncity Stripes and Tubes (P) Ltd.
19. OIO NO:16/2014 Dtd 11/07/2014 Commissioner M/s Navratan Specilalty Chemical LLP
18. OIO NO:15/2014 Dtd 31/06/2014 Commissioner M/s Essar Steel India Ltd.
17. OIO NO:14/2014 Dtd 31/05/2014 Commissioner M/s PEC Ltd.
16. OIO NO:13/2014 Dtd 26/05/2014 Commissioner M/s Adani Power Rajasthan Ltd.
15. OIO NO:12/2014 Dtd 21/05/2014 Commissioner M/s Adani Power Maharashtra Ltd.
14. OIO NO:11/2014 Dtd 20/05/2014 Commissioner M/s Adani Enterprise Ltd.
13. OIO NO:10/2014 Dtd 25/04/2014 Commissioner M/s Essar Steel India Ltd.
12. OIO NO:09/2014 Dtd 22/04/2014 Commissioner M/s Bombay Rayon Fashions Limited
11. OIO NO:08/2014 Dtd 09/04/2014 Commissioner M/s Colourtex Industries Ltd(Unit 2)
10. OIO NO:06/2014 Dtd 31/03/2014 Commissioner M/s Colourtex Industries Ltd
9. OIO NO:06/2014 Dtd 31/03/2014 Commissioner M/s Bhatia Global Trading Ltd.
8. OIO NO:05/2014 Dtd 28/03/2014 Commissioner M/s Asian Natural Resources
7. OIO NO:3/2014 Dtd 26/03/2013 Commissioner M/s Amar Jewellers Ltd.
6. OIO NO:04/2014 Dtd 24/03/2014 Pt-II Commissioner M/s Reliance Industries Ltd.
5. OIO NO:04/2014 Dtd 24/03/2014 Pt-I Commissioner M/s Reliance Industries Ltd.
4. OIO NO:02/2014 Dtd 28/02/2014 Pt-4 Commissioner M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd
3. OIO NO:02/2014 Dtd 28/02/2014 Pt-3 Commissioner M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd
2. OIO NO:02/2014 Dtd 28/02/2014 Pt-2 Commissioner M/s M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd
1. OIO NO:01/2014 Dtd 31/01/2014 Commissioner M/s Hamilton Housewares Pvt. Ltd