Public Notices - 2020

Sl.No. PN Number and Date Subject
30. P.No:25/2020 Dtd 02/12/2020 Subject: setting up Special Notified Zone (SNZ) for import, treding and re-export of Rough Diamonds by notified entities at Gujrat Hira Bourse . Lcchapore Surat Gujarat
29. P.No:24/2020 Dtd 02/12/2020 Subject: Implementation of Express Cargo Clearence System at Ahmdabad Couriar Terminal -reg.
28. Notice For Application Dtd 01/12/2020 Subject: Procedure For Selection of Special Public Prosecutor (SSPs) For Handlig CBEC Case Before the Subordinate Court/courts of session And High Court -reg.
27. P.No:23/2020 Dtd 14/10/2020 Subject: Conduct of Oral Examination under Regulation 6 of the Custom Brokers Licensing Regulations, 2018 - reg.
26. P.No:22/2020 Dtd 29/09/2020 Subject : Drive through X-Ray Based Container Scanner Facilitis to be Lauches Shortly at Hazira Port -reg.
25. P.No:22/2020 Dtd 29/09/2020 Subject:Drive through X-ray Based Container scanner facility to be Launched shortly at Hazira Port - reg.
24. P.No:01/2020 Dtd 25/09/2020 Subject: Launch of e-Office in the office of the Principal Commissioner of Customs,Ahmedabad - reg
23. P.No:21/2020 Dtd 18/09/2020 Subject: Manufacturing and other operations in a Warehouse Regulations (MOOWR) and waiver of interest - Changes in ICES - reg.
22. P.No:20/2020 Dtd 16/09/2020 Subject: Guidelines regarding implementation of seetion 28DA of the Customs Agreements (FTA/PTA/CECA/CEPA) and verification of Certificates of Origin - reg.
21. P.No:03/2020 Dtd 14/09/2020 All India roll-out of Faceless Assessment -Reg
20. P.No:19/2020 Dtd 14/09/2020 Subject: All India Roll-Out of Faceless Assessment - reg.
19. P.No:18/2020 Dtd 25/08/2020 Issue of Export Certificate of frequently travelling International Passengers - reg.
18. P.No:17/2020 Dtd 19/08/2020 Subject : Streamlling OF UQCs in bills of entry and Shipping bills -reg.
17. - Amendment to P.N. No. 14/2020 dated 02/06/2020
16. - Compliance of the CBIC Circulars No.06-2002 dated 23-01-2002 M-reg.
15. P.No:02/2020 Dtd 28/07/2020 Subject : Amendenments to the all industry Rates of Duty Drawback Effective From 15.07.20
14. P.No:02/2020 Dtd 15/07/2020 Amendments of the All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback effective from 15-07-2020
13. P.No:16/2020 Dtd 14/07/2020 Faceless assessment under Turant custom and setting up of turant suvidha kendra (TSK) at custom formation of ahmedabad custom -Reg.
12. Office Orders Dtd 12/06/2020 The Officers and Staff are aware about the spread of COVID-19 Virus
11. P.No:15/2020 Dtd 02/06/2020 Waiver of Warehousing/Storage Charges at SVPI Airport, Ahmedabad & Surat International Airport, Surat -reg.
10. P.No:14/2020 Dtd 02/06/2020 Change of address of office of the Deputy Commissioner of custom Division,Surat, EPC-05 Custom,surat and other office -reg.
9. P.No:11/2020 Dtd 14/04/2020 Measure to prevent Covid 19 from spreading and to make lockdown successful - reg
8. P.No:10/2020 Dtd 30/03/2020 Request for Amendments and Waiver of Late Fee Charges in the Bills of Entry and regularization of Prior & Advance Bills of Entry through e-mail procedure as facilitation during outbreak of COVID-19 reg.
7. P.No:09/2020 Dtd 30/03/2020 Result of Category "G" Wrriten Examination of employees of custom brokers umder regulation 13(5) of CBLR
6. P.No:08/2020 Dtd 04/03/2020 ICES: Advisory 09/2020 (Turant Customs) Customs Compliance Verification and System OOC - Implementation on all India basis -reg
5. P.No:07/2020 Dtd 27/02/2020 24*7 Working at all the formation of Ahmedabad Custom Commissionerate -reg.
4. P.No:06/2020 Dtd 26/02/2020 Revision of all Industry Rates (AIRs) of Duty Drawback
3. P.No:05/2020 Dtd 18/02/2020 Warehousing/Storage Charges at SVPI Airport,Ahmedabad & Surat International Airport,Surat -reg.
2. P.No:04/2020 Dtd 14/02/2020 LIQUIDATION OF PENDING Drawback CLAIM - Regarding
1. P.No:03/2020 Dtd 29/01/2020 ICES Advisory 01/2020 (SCMTR) Dated 13-01-2020 Registration and Application Process for all the Stakeholder -reg.