Public Notices - 2021

Sl.No. PN Number and Date Subject
22. P.No:27/2021 Dtd 23/12/2021 Subject : Transition of the new edition of Harmonised Nomenclature, HS 2022 -reg
21. P.No:26/2021 Dtd 17/12/2021 Subject : Re-constitution of Panel of Approved Valuers for Valuing Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Precious Stones and other Valuable Articles -reg.
20. P.No:25/2021 Dtd 16/12/2021 Subject : Details of New Office at Customs House Surat
19. P.No:24/2021 Dtd 09/12/2021 Subject : Revised Composition of "Customs Clearance Facilitation Committee" (CCFC) and Permanent Trade Facilitation (PTFC) -reg.
18. P.No:23/2021 Dtd 06/12/2021 Subject : Utilisation of MEIS scrip for import in absence of mandatory recording of transfer details facility on DGFT website - reg.
17. P.No:22/2021 Dtd 22/11/2021 Subject : Operationalization of trade facilitation centre (TFC) of ahmedabad customs at custom house, ahmedabad - reg
16. P.No:21/2021 Dtd 10/11/2021 Subject : Odd Hours Clearance in Field Formations - reg.
15. P.No:20/2021 Dtd 02/11/2021 Subject : Invitation of Application for the Written Examination to be held under Regulation 6 of the CBLR, 2018 - m/reg.
14. P.No:19/2021 Dtd 06/10/2021 Subject : Kind attention of Authorised Sea Carrier (including Shipping lines), Authorised Sea Agent (Steamer/Shipping Agents), Authorised Carrier [Transhippers), Terminal Operators, Custodians, Freight Forwarders, Importers, Exporters, Customs Brokers, Authorised Persons of all above, Associations and Federations representing the above persons, all other stakeholders concerned is invited to Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations (SCMTR), 2018 notified vide Notification No 3B/2018-customs (N.T.) dated 11,05.2018, as amended from time to time.
13. P.No:17/2021 Dtd 26/08/2021 Subject : Nomination of Commissioner of Customs, Ahmedabad as the“Zonal AEO Programme Manager” for all AEO Applications (AEO-T1, T2, T3 and LO including MSME Applications) falling under Jurisdiction of the Chief Commissioner’s Office, Customs Gujarat Zone, Ahmedabad – reg.
12. P.No:16/2021 Dtd 18/08/2021 Subject : Addendum to public Notice No..1B/2019: lmplementataon of Right To lnformation Act, 2005 _Designation of Central public lnformation officers (cPro's) and Appeilate Authorities within the Jurisdiction of Custom Commisslonerate, Ahmedabad_ Regarding.
11. P.No:15/2021 Dtd 07/07/2021 Subject : Implementation of the Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations.
10. P.No:14/2021 Dtd 30/06/2021 Subject : CRCL Module - Forwarding of samples using electronic Test Memo to CRCL and other Revenue Laboratories - reg.
9. P.No:13/2021 Dtd 26/06/2021 Subject : Conduct of Oral Examination under Regulation 6(3) of the Custom Brokers Licensing Regulations,2018 - reg.
8. P.No:12/2021 Dtd 21/05/2021 Subject : Special Refund and Drawback Disposal Drive from 15-05-2021 to 31-05-2021 Implementation of - reg.
7. P.No:11/2021 Dtd 21/04/2021 Subject : Contactless submmision of documents for specifield items of work through e-mail - reg.
6. P.No:10/2021 Dtd 21/04/2021 Subject : Clearance of List Saving Drugs and Medical Equipments at Air Cargo Complex,Ahmedabad - reg.
5. P.No:07/2021 Dtd 30/03/2021 Subject : ICES Advisory 9/2021 - Inclustion of a nww UQC for Metric Million British Thermal Unit - reg.
4. P.No:08/2021 Dtd 24/03/2021 IGST Scroll Failure - Account Validation of certain IECs due to TEP0014 & TEP0016 - reg.
3. P.No:09/2021 Dtd 24/02/2021 Subject : Postponement of Written Examination under Regulation 6 of the CBLR, 2018 to 27.03-2021 from 24.03.2021
2. P.No:04/2021 Dtd 22/02/2021 Implementation of Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations, (SCMTR) 2018.
1. P.No:01/2021 Dtd 07/01/2020 Invitation of application for the Written Examinationh under Regulation 6 of the CBLR,2018 to be held on 24-03-2021