Public Notices - 2021

Sl.No. PN Number and Date Subject
23 Public Notice Invitation of application for the Written Examination under Regulation 6 of the CBLR,2018 to be held on 24.03.2021-reg. Dtd 07/01/2020 Invitation of application for the Written Examinationh under Regulation 6 of the CBLR,2018 to be held on 24-03-2021-reg.
22 Public Notice Implementation of Sea Cargo Manifest and transhipment Regulation (SCMTR),20218-reg.
21 Public Notice ICES Advisory 9/2021-inclusion of a new UQC for Metric Million British Thermal Unit-reg.
20 Public Notice IGST Scroll Failure-Account Validation of certain IECs due to TPE0014 & TPE0016-reg.
19 Public Notice Postponement of Written Examination under Regulation 6 of the CBLR,2018 to 27.03.2021 from 24.03.2021
18 Public Notice Clearance of life Saving Drugs and Medical Equipments at Air Cargo Complex,Ahmedabad-reg.
17 Public Notice Contactless submission of document for specified items of work through e-mail-reg.
16 Public Notice Special Refund and Drawback Disposal Drive from 15.05.2021 to 31.05.2021-implementation of-reg.
15 Public Notice Conduct of Oral Examination under Regulation 6(3) of the Custom Brokers Licensing Regulations,2018-reg.
14 Public Notice CRCL Module-Forwarding of samples using electronic Test Memo to CRCl and other Revenue Laboratories-reg.
13 Public Notice Implementation of the Sea Cargo Manifest and transhipment Regulation.
12 Public Notice Addendum to public Notice No.18/2019: Implementation of Right To lnformation Act, 2005 _Designation of Central public information officers (CPIO's) and Appellate Authorities within the Jurisdiction of Custom Commissionerate, Ahmedabad_ Regarding.
11 Public Notice Nomination of Commissioner of Customs, Ahmedabad as the“Zonal AEO Programme Manager” for all AEO Applications (AEO-T1, T2, T3 and LO including MSME Applications) falling under Jurisdiction of the Chief Commissioner’s Office, Customs Gujarat Zone, Ahmedabad – reg.
10 Public Notice Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations (SCMTR), 2018 ,
9 Public Notice Invitation of Application for the Written Examination to be held under Regulation 6 of the CBLR, 2018 - m/reg.
8 Public Notice Odd Hours Clearance in Field Formations - reg.
7 Public Notice Operationalization of Trade Facilitation center (TFC) of Ahmedabad-customs at Customs House, Ahmedabad-reg.
6 Public Notice Utilisation of MEIS scrip for import in absence of mandatory recording of transfer details facility on DGFT website _ reg.
5 Public Notice Revised Composition of Clearance Facilitation Committee" (CCFC) and permanent Trade Facilitation Committee (PTFC) - reg.
4 Public Notice Det ils of New Office at Customs House Surat.
3. Public Notice Re-constitution of Panel of Approved Valuers for Valuing Gold, Silver, Jawellery, Precious Stones and other Valuable Articles - reg.
2 Public Notice Transition of the new edition of Harmonised Nomenclature, HS 2022 -reg.
1 Public Notice Operationalization of Turant Suvidha Kendra(TSK) at Custom House, Ahmedabad Reg.